Monday, January 14, 2013

Another Survey

1.  What job did you want to have when you were a kid?
2.  If you have seen Girls, do you love or hate it?
3.  What is your favorite Matt Dillon movie?
4.  What’s your take on Cassavetes? (question courtesy of the Le Tigre song, but meant sincerely)
5.  Most embarrassing moment?
6.  Have you ever seen the 2011 movie This Must Be the Place?
7.  Favorite Quentin Tarantino movie (or do you hate him?)?

Here are my answers.  Write yours in the Comments box -- it's super fun.

1.  Always a writer, but I went through a phase of telling everyone I wanted to be a writer, illustrator, fashion designer and choreographer.
Robin Crane the next Bob Fosse?

2.  Love it.  Like Tiny Furniture less but can still appreciate it.

3.  Rumble Fish.

4.  Love him so much

5.  Once in 3rd grade my dad left the house for like 45 minutes tops to go to the grocery store.  In that time, one of our dogs had his choke chain leash stuck in his mouth and when I tried to get it out of his mouth, he bit me, not hard enough to draw blood even.  I felt bad for my dog, who was really agitated, and also scared about being bitten, so I called my dad's recent ex-girlfriend, who lived nearby.  I was crying as I spoke to her and told her my bit, and she thought I'd said my dad was choking and had bitten me.  So she said she'd take care of it and got off the phone.  I calmed down from the bite, settled my dog down, and stopped crying -- done and done.  nope.  shortly after dad got home, unaware that anything had gone less than smoothly while he was out, the police, ambulance, a fire truck, news van and his ex-girlfriend all showed up.

6.  I really want to see this movie but have been unable to see it in the theatre or get my hands on a dvd.

7.  I sort of hate him in a way, but I like him too.  Reservoir Dogs is my fave, because of the tragic tenderness between Harvey Keitel (who is so good in it) and the horrible Mr. Orange.

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