Sunday, April 14, 2013

"The Big Break: A Manuscript" zine, first published February 1999

It may not seem like this, since the theme of this zine was ostensibly the urge for recognition, but I remember the inspiration for this writing coming from the walks I took, often at night and/or in the rain, through the beautiful, empty streets of Olympia.  Being a big city girl, I was just so .... touched and, like, wantful of the pasts that made up the lives I saw on display in the houses I passed, I loved the look of the sheer green curtains of some stranger's kitchen window, the children's toys getting wet in the front yard .... I just loved to walk these neighborhoods.  So even though that might not show up in this zine, it was the thought/feeling at the back of my head as I wrote it.

xoxo robin

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