Monday, November 10, 2014

Earthquakes Music Video

When I was a morose and pained teenager (as teenagers are), I was in a feminist punk band called Foxfire.  It was a pretty big part of my existence.  

Tamra Lucid  from the band Lucid Nation (our guardian angels who were always letting us share their equipment and promoting us through word of mouth) just finished emailing me a few mp3's she'd been able to create from one of our old cassettes (pardon any incorrect tech verbiage here).  My song "Earthquakes" was my favorite one to sing at shows.  Pretty much everything I had to get off my chest:  feeling ugly, not being taken seriously as a girl, being victim to a violent crime that left me jumpy to things like earthquakes -- it was all in that song.  

Foxfire was a three girl band:  me, Rhani Lee Remedes and Andrea Branca.  We all switched around on which instruments we played for each song; Earthquakes is Andrea on bass, Rhani on guitar and me on vocals.  I literally just figured out the Movie Maker software last night just to throw this video together, and it is really just a bunch of photos I had saved on my computer, but they are photos that are special to me.

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