Monday, July 7, 2014

Strong Women/Disgusting Men and Call for Submissions

fourth of july 2014

Hi REadeRs,

Do any of you have a piece or pieces of jewelry that you found somewhere, like in a parking garage?  If so, I am hoping to collect photos of lost and found jewelry with accompanying descriptions of all you remember about the occasion of finding it:  Where was it found?  When?  Why did you decide to keep it?  Where do you keep it?  Thanks in advance.

Also, I will be writing more of these pieces:  "Do Strong Women have any Use for Disgusting Men?"  So far I have explored whether Bukowski's celebration of down and out unhygienic bliss extends to an empowering body of work for women (he can be mired in his own disgusting smells and craziness and so can the women he's interested in) or is his objectification of said balls-out crazy women just some run of the mill objectification, no better than that of the mainstream.  I have also explored whether the gross-out Vice Magazine culture (the publication itself and the whole Terry Richardson aesthetic) is of any use to women, as far as assisting in a new beauty ideal -- or is it just more ho-hum, faux-artistic objectification of women's bodies that pretends to be better because the models are in some way exotic, like, "Ethnic" or with unplucked eyebrows or whatever wanna-be cutting edge shit the males of the whole Vice scene try to pass off as art.

In case you don't feel like backtracking with my final verdicts ... I'm no the whole in favor of Bukowski's work and Vice Magazine, just because there is some wiggle room in both these bodies of work for the girls to participate in the gross-out, subverting feminine expectations.

I'm always interested in instances of disgusting men claiming an affinity with some aspect of women found unappealing by mainstream standards.  In particular, I've been working my way through all the novels in the classic hard-boiled detective genre and have been surprised at some of the things the hyper-masculine protagonists have had to say in defense of female characters who have been boozehounds, over the hill, not traditionally attractive, promiscuous.  It's going to take forever to re-read all these novels though to find the passages I have in mind though, so maybe I'll get started in the year 2020!

Til then, please admire the two photos of Bukowski and a couple awesome-looking hard-loving chicks recently posted on here.  I LOVE those photos.

xox Princess Robin