Thursday, February 27, 2014

Renate Druks

As you know if you are a frequent reader, the late painter and personality Renate Druks, friend to Anais Nin, Henry Miller, Kenneth Anger and other bizarre luminaries, was a close family friends whose care we coordinated in her last years.  To thank us, she left us with her beautiful paintings and other artifacts from her long, sad, interesting life.  I long ago took over the maintenance of the website displaying her works (my dad started it), but I was always dissatisfied with it, because it did not meet the set of aesthetic standards she held.  I have worked a lot on the site recently and I feel that it is finally beautiful and organized enough to memorialize her, though of course her spirit lingers right over my shoulder as I type this, haranguing me for not buying the right kind of shampoo.

Renate Druks, Catharine Ross and James Caan in front of Druks' painting "Games"

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