Saturday, May 11, 2013

Robin Crane Destiny

I'm doing a project where myself and hopefully others choose a favorite photo, then write 1 description of the dream way we'd like to be perceived, and 1 description of an ideal life.  I'm going first to get the ball rolling.

I would like to be thought of as a beautiful artist poet who works a 9-5 desk job out of bravery and necessity to provide well for my family, but for it to be evident that the drudgery of work doesn't touch my soul.  I want to seem smart, funny, nurturing to underdogs, and potty-mouthed.  And for everyone to think that I am a wonderful mother, a little intimidating to strangers, honest about my feelings when I don't like someone, bound for some really special fate, and above all, charmed.

My ideal life involves winning the lottery, keeping my los angeles home, owning a small home in an English Countryside, buying a small home for my mom, dad and Stepmom and my husband's family, writing an absolutely pure, heartbreaking, long, necessary novel that saves lives, teaching as a guest lecturer at Oxford or something. giving my son the best life ever, owning a Volvo, also another home in a French countryside, opening a homeless shelter and a battered women's shelter, and living forever.

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