Saturday, February 23, 2013

Sweetheart #9

uh oh, we're nearing the end of highschool and my sweetheart zine with this one, issue #9, finished April 1996.  There are 2 more issues left.  After that, I will go to college in Olympia, WA, where I will hold on to my depression and my gawkily pretty face but will otherwise change drastically, quickly.  I'll start smoking, drinking, doing drugs, giving in to my straightness (and in a related note, giving up my vast reserves of self-respect), wearing my self-inflicted cuts on my lower arms instead of secret spots like my stomach, and just being your typical college girl, I guess.  I could still turn out a pretty good zine though, and maybe I will put those on here once I run out of Sweethearts.  All the zines I did in college and afterwards (before the lobotomy of office jobs that screwed up that there part of my brain where the beauty lay) were one-offs.  some of them are a little too "Hey everybody, look at me!!!  I have sex now!  and I'm depressed!  Save me!  Fuck me!  Do you think I'm pretty?" to ever look at again, but I think a couple of them are decent.  Anyway, here is #9:

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