Monday, February 11, 2013

Sweetheart #8

I know I just posted an old zine of mine up on here yesterday, but the baby and the old man are asleep and I still had a  bit of energy so I just scanned Sweetheart #8, put out in December or 1995, and here it is.  There was originally a very hard to read (too sad and very graphic) abuse story a friend contributed to this issue but I'm not printing it here because I've lost touch w/ her but have a feeling she wouldn't want it floating around the internet.  I have always been proud of this issue #8 -- I always really liked the clip art and felt like I pulled off some tone of cool that I'm sure I would see was imaginary if I were to reread it today, but like I hinted in the intro for #7, I don't like to reread these zines!  but I like to scan and post them and imagine a bored literary agent stumbling across this blog one insomniac night and thinking to herself "even as a teen, she had it. Hmmm... her blogger profile says she works for the government.  that sounds a little ho-hum for a mind such as this.  Let's give her a call, fly her out to NYC..." etc....


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  1. oh chubby maternal goddess, i remember your wildness