Monday, January 28, 2013

more nineties riot grrrl nostalgia

This was a sheet of either flyers or stickers I made in high school, little advertisements for my zine Sweetheart and for girl power. 

and these:

were stickers that my old friend Rhani and I made one night when she slept over.  I used to think she was a poseur so even though we had all these classes together and liked all the same music and stuff, I was always sort of reserved with her.  Then, when my first band, Lime Rickey, played our first show, I was beaten the shit out of afterwards, and most every "friend" of mine who'd been there had bailed long ago, but my mom, my old friend Matt Harrison, and Rhani, were 3 heroes who actually jumped into the middle of things to try to protect my body, and dear Rhani actually managed to cover my head from kicks for a few seconds, before she was pulled off of me and beaten up a little bit too, and after that, well -- fuck, i knew she was amazing.  obviously there weren't going to be any more Lime Rickey shows, and i was seriously traumatized that night, but Rhani really wanted to start another band with me, and I consented mostly because I thought it'd amount to nothing, and the day we came up with this name Foxfire was the day we made these stickers, which show only 2 girls.  We never started actually writing any songs until our friend Andrea joined though, and I had connections with adults in the music scene who were into supporting a teenage girl band, some of them for the novelty of it, somefor the amazingness of it, so we were actually offered a lot of really good opportunities of venues and bills to play.  I was terrified to get back on stage though.  but nothing bad ever happened to me like the attack again.  instead, my foxfire years were sort of charmed.  we had such a supportive audience, got to play w/ such great bands, and it was really an important part of my life.  anyway, these stickers are just a little bit of Foxfire ephemera.

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