Friday, January 11, 2013


I guess it makes sense that when I started this blog, it was with the intention of scanning and sharing my old, old zines (from the early nineties) -- I am somewhat stuck in the past.  Sometimes I don't even mean to be.  This morning when I was driving to work I realized (in a stronger way than past littler versions of this realization) that on my route, I pass the library where mom used to work when I was a kid, the school I went to for kindergarten and first grade, and last but not least, the fact that I work in the same office where I worked in 2004 - 2006 before moving to Philly, thinking that new opportunities would materialize once I had the Master's I earned while there.  I am not unhappy with re-treading old territory -- it's sort of unavoidable when one lives in the town where one grew up, and my hometown happens to be the world famous los angeles, so you won't hear me complaining about being stuck in the boonies or needing to get out of dodge and see more excitement and multiculturalism, etc.  Nonetheless, nostalgia is a melancholy feeling for me, and this morning as I passed by mom's old library and my old school, I did feel nostalgic.

Along those lines (of looking backwards), you may have noticed that since I started working on this blog again, it's been a long time since I reposted one of my old zines.  The main reason for that is that I can't figure out an ideal formatting for this project -- I feel like the zines are never big enough to be clearly readable.  However, I came across a neat cache of old cards and comix I did years ago, like in the early 1990's for the most part.  I'm posting some of them throughout the day, most likely, and over the next few days.  the ones I post today are gonna be black and white unfortunately, but, we'll see, I will try to hone my technical skills.

please love me.  please justify my non-belief in god.  please make me rich.  please keep me and my family safe.


Legend of Legendary band Esther 1994

This comic is an example of how people sometimes aren't their true selves when they are hanging out with someone else -- but not in any meaningful way, in this case.  I drew this one when me and my friend Janet had a slumber party (1994), we were both drawing comics as a slumber party activity, but it wasn't in my true style, like, the humor isnt' really mine, but i was trying to impress her, as was she when she drew hers.  two things I think are really funny about this are that 1) we mention a girl named Esther in our class, but Esther was like 11 or something -- it was an elective with all different age groups, but me and Janet were at least a few years older than her, so I"m surprised we cared.  second, my misconception of Saint Morrissey in this is weird.  I love everything about him, from his homo-erotic/asexual vibe to his tongue-in-cheek sense of drama, to EVERYTHING.  

some teen birthday invite, featuring 2 heroes, Kim Gordon and Louise Brooks

1997 Sticker Bomb designs

These are the designs for the stickers I made that I used to sticker bomb Olympia with my Freshman year of college, before I stopped impressing myself with my street art acumen and when I didn't care about 'feminist' 'messages' or irony etc anymore

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