Monday, March 12, 2012

born lazy

whenever i've had a lot of free time on my hands, like months of unemployment or a job where there were was no work for me to do, it'd always seem ideal for me to take the opportunity to work on projects, like a short story or something, but instead the lack of human contact and the fact of being under-busy sort of puts my mind to sleep, and when i get and act on a lot of my creative impulses is when a job overworks me a little bit and i have to sneak some time during lunch break to scribble down a chapter or something.  i think it's the mental stimulation of being stressed out and challenged by the mundane shit that ends up challenging me at the clerical jobs i end up at, like reteaching myself Excel formulas in a hurry for a spreadsheet someone's waiting for, etc.  anyway, this is what i'm thinking about while i contemplate the day ahead ... sort of waiting for the darling baby to fall asleep for awhile so i can get the housework done and then what will i do with the rest of the day?

Here's a song, one of my favorite songs, that sounds like how i feel this morning.

Late Night, Maudlin Street