Tuesday, April 14, 2015

"Like Science Fiction" Foxfire video

Boy have I been absent from this blog.  Everything is in flux for me.  I have usually written for this blog during work hours, when I would get glimpses of inspiration and have some time to work through the idea and type it up, whether it be an ode to action comedies, an interview with a genius musician, a memoir piece or a short story.

Now that I am laid off, it's just like -- duh???  But today I recalled I had some mp3's someone had recently created for me from tape recordings of my old band.  I just made this very rudimentary video for an old Foxfire (my old mid-nineties teenage riot grrrrl band) song "Like Science Fiction," Vocals and lyrics me, bass Andrea Branca, Rhani Remedes on guitar.  The song is about girl artists (writers/musicians/etc) being drawn to using sci fi/fantasy tropes because if we tried to write our experiences in a real world setting, it'd be unbelievable.  so to be like, 'my dad's co-worker hit on me at a xmas party' and write a story about that actual event would just seem so .... the real details of such things are almost too grotesque.  Easier to write a story about an alien girl who somehow ends up at a human male adult xmas party where bad shit happens to her.   So I tried to use some sci-fi graphics for this, like film stills from the amazing Twilight Zone episode "Number 12 Looks Just Like You."  and also some rad photos of the first female russian cosmonaut.