Thursday, October 8, 2015

Native Angeleno

Framed beneath the smoggy, pink sunset,
the gray frankness of lonesome smoggy streets
lets Angelenos know that the city is a heartbreaker.
Good and bad and mean and nice and happy and sad.
Why does there have to be so many people?
How can there ever be enough attention
for each of us?
Dear Native Angelenos,
I have no siblings.
Can we be brothers and sisters?
Do you like me?
Am I pretty?
I like dangerous streets 
and safe ones,
I like attention but I also like being ignored.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Early October 2015


What did you do in the dark and the cold?
I smoked and I shivered with no hand to hold.
Where did you go when your teeth got fucked up?
I slept on the stairs and I never woke up.
Who was the girl that you used to be?
Nobody much, 
Just little ol' me.


Dear readers, I have  been in a psychiatric hospital since last Thursday and just got out today.  I would say I just got sprung, but it was nice in there; the food was okay and sometimes good, the nurses were nice, Christian, pretty Armenian women who wore a lot of make up and who I would have written off as being dumb and mean when I was a teenager, just for being pretty and religious.  I had a nervous breakdown.  I haven't gotten over the summer's heart surgery and my new ticking heart yet.  I take too much stuff. I am moving to Florida on Friday, to stay with my dad and stepmom for a few months.  
I just wanted to let you know.  

xoxo princess robin xoxo