Friday, February 14, 2014

ROMANCE & Valentine's Day

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Hi Tomcats and Kittens,

It's been awhile since I posted, but it's because I've been so petrified/nervous about doing the zine fest on Sunday , and because I'm dry of ideas at the moment and also have been feeling a little too lonely this week, like a ghost-girl.  Just to keep me visible though, I'm checking it to say hi to the lovebirds and single romantics on this dumb day of Romance that I totally started celebrating yesterday, nonetheless.  I like the excitement of holidays.  I will probably make a papier mache replica of George Washington's wooden teeth on Monday's Presidents Day, though reports that that is just a myth.  

You all know how much I love movies, so here is my list of the 5 most romantic movies I can think of.  Snuggle up and stare at the TV set tonight.


#5 - REMAINS OF THE DAY (1993)

This movie is so sadly romantic it kills me to watch it, but it is a wonderful movie about two domestic workers who are too brainwashed by the upper-class concept of them as automatons to allow themselves happiness.  I LOVE the two main characters, especially Miss Kenton -- Emma Thompson is amazing in every role she plays, even that of the melancholy writer in the faux-artfilm Stranger than Fiction.  


This is one of my 6 favorite movies of all time.  It depicts the most beautiful and sweet friendship-loves in the world.  

#3- DOGFIGHT (1991)

The first time I watched this movie was on VHS when I was a teenager and River Pheonix had just died.  I was watching it with my mom, and the two of us, both inveterate criers, turned to each other at one point and simultaneously both cried, because he is wonderful in this film and it was so sad to lose such a talented young man.  In addition to being such a well-acted and romantic movie, with an amazing first-kiss scene (it takes place in a penny arcade), the subplot of the Vietnam War is perfectly executed, remaining in the background as a black cloud hanging over everything young and new, even in sweetest moments.

#2 - ROYAL TENENBAUMS (2001)  

I have a hunch that this is one of the favorite movies of every artsy person my age.  Some lesser directors rely on a good soundtrack to convey emotions instead of providing effective character development, so that their movies are like music videos, but the amazing soundtrack for this film makes the poignant scenes, of which there are plenty, painfully poignant.  If you love this movie already, I'm guessing your favorite scene is the one where Margot exits the bus in slow motion to Nico's "These Days."  There is something really cool about the relationship between Richie and Margot.  The word "cool" is used so much that it's really a non-descriptive adjective, but if you think about the word when it was kind of associated with subculture still (at least I imagine so), like, how beatnicks would use the word but maybe not the Normals, that's how I mean the word.  Margot and Richie are two cool characters -- you see a rare complexity in both of them that makes their interactions so sweet and kind of sexy.  Also, I seriously love Danny Glover (the heart and soul of the Lethal Weapon franchise, and such a funny guy when I saw him at a Sam Ash in Hollywood sometime -- he plays guitar!), and his character is so lovable in this movie, and it's sort of the only good movie Ben Stiller has been in.

#1 - FLIRTING (1991)

This New Zealand film, set in 1965, uses racial tension and the awkwardness of coming of age as two perfect backdrops for this sweet boarding school romance.  I usually prefer not to consider the loss of virginity because all the stereotypical thoughts that go with virginity are pretty gross and sexist, like the idea of how morally valuable a girl's cherry is and how she's expected to be in pain to the point of bleeding the first time -- lame.  The virginity loss in this movie though, is really touching and endearing and thank god, not tinged with any prurience.

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