Thursday, January 30, 2014

Hello from the Land of the Whats

Boy have I been on hiatus.  Boredom and depression have been arm wrestling in my soul and they have reached a tie.  I have some new projects in the works.  Also, if you live in L.A., come visit me and fellow legendary zinester Kelli Williams, at the upcoming zine fest.  here is the information:

We will be there on Sunday, February 16th.

Look, there is an awesome interview with Kelli:  .  we've been zine-trading penpals and then flesh and blood friends since 1993 or so.

Here is another housekeeping issue.  I will be selling sets of 4 homemade coasters for $15, with the money being donated to a sick and uninsured friend of mine.  Postage included.  The color schemed will be a surprise (exciting!) but you are guaranteed to love them.

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