Sunday, December 29, 2013

Treasure Box

I've always been someone lucky enough to have people think of me as a jewelry girl.  Over the years I have received some of the most beautiful and bizarre jewelry I've ever seen.  Only, I suppose I defeat the purpose of jewelry a bit; instead of wearing it,which I'm honestly too lazy to do sometimes, I like to look at these treasures inside their jewelry boxes and be overwhelmed by the loveliness.  Today, I've taken some of my jewels out of a Christ-themed jewelry box I've had since college.  The funny thing about this jewelry box is that when me and my friends James and Leandra were sophomores, we once ate dinner at our friend Susan's house.  our friend Nick was late in showing up.  when he finally did, we all had a nice meal, then went back home, and Nick presented me with this cute box from a thrift store, but the previous owner had written her name inside:  Susan.  It was very hard to convince us that he hadn't stolen it from our neighbor Susan while we were busy distracting her.

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