Monday, October 14, 2013

More Treasures

This is an older treasure box, from my younger teens I think.  It's full to the brim so I won't bore you with its entire contents.

Pretty handkerchiefs, a change purse made out of a shell, a pretty box from those English Pastilles candies, a glass strawberry, the usual.

My favorite object from this panoply of sentimentality is a little notice in the employee's bulletin that Hudson's put out the day I was born.  My grandmother Hope worked there; it was once the largest department store in the world, and was definitely the primary shopping destination in Detroit, from 1911 to 1983.  The bulletin is dated March 17, 1979, and says "Hope Pulve of the YOung Guy Department is a happy new Grandma.  Granddaughter Robin Hope was born March 1st and weighed 8 lbs."  This is a special memento because I only met her once and was always very curious about her.

As you can see, this photo focuses on my compass, a wonderful piece in my priced shell collection, and some lovely marbles in quite the lovely wooden jewelry box.

xoxo Robin

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