Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Film Review - The Possession

The other day I started to review the 2012 horror film The Possession but I had only gotten halfway through it at the time, so here is part two of the review of this film that continues the tradition of the horror genre of devil possessions of young women’s bodies.  I really enjoy this theme, so I wasn’t bothered that some of the spooky things that the possessed girl did were a retread of past possession films – I think that’s a little inevitable since there’s only so much a demon can make a sweet girl do – she can be mean to parents, talk in weird voices, spew gross stuff out of her mouth, and kill enemies in weird ways.  That being said, this film definitely had some new facets to add the to familiar possession territory – mainly that the demon, and the religious figures who combat the demon, were Jewish, instead of the usual Catholic themes.  This was an interesting change of pace and also educational, because I learned about the Jewish demon box, a Dybbuk, a legend (or maybe a reality!!!!!  Spooky!!!) I’d never heard about before.  Matusyahu plays Tzadok, an Orthodox good guy who tries to help the demon-afflicted family, and I really can’t stand Matusyahu’s music, because it’s in that genre of laid-back funky white hippy hiphop, like Jamiroqui or Jack Johnson – mellow music that is so horrible-sounding it makes me feel the opposite of mellow.  He was really great as Tzadok though, a character who is supposed to be a breath of fresh air to all the horrible shit happening to the main characters.  Natasha Calis, the actress who plays the possessed 10 year old girl Em, also did a really good job.  It doesn’t stand out as a more enjoyable film than the similar The Last Exorcism (2010) or the Exorcism of Emily Rose (2005), but I really like both those movies as well … if I had to recommend one of the 3, it’d be Exorcism of Emily Rose because that movie was for me the most emotionally investable of the 3 – Emily Rose is this great girl who is trying to stay sane through her freshman year of college but this demonic stuff keeps happening to her – sad!   I know there are some movies where guys, not girls, are possessed, and Lost Souls (2000) starring Winona Ryder, is a pretty good one, but it’s the flashbacks where she was once possessed and not the film’s present where she now helps a couple guys who are possessed, that are the most fun parts to watch.  I guess I’m just still an old Riot Grrrl disappointed that a girl-led anarchist society never came to fruition (she says as she sits and types at her cushy ergonomic chair, instead of the homemade splintery bench she would no doubt be sitting on if the grrrl revolution did happen and capitalism was toppled), so I now enjoy watching actresses portray wildly powerful and terrifying demons, like I used to be.  Anyway,  happy Halloween! 

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