Friday, October 18, 2013

Fakakta Friday

My heart isn’t really in post-writing today because I feel down in the dumps.  My son got a huge bump on his head at day care yesterday, so huge and awful-looking that I kept reaching to him in the back seat when he started to fall asleep to keep him awake in case he had a concussion.  He’s pretty much fine except for having a huge painful  bump on his head.  They’re sort of just like whatevs about it at daycare, like rather non-responsive, and this is simultaneous with the situation of me having bought a ton of the cutest cute little Halloween toys for the daycare’s Halloween fest, and being so excited imagining the kids wearing bright spider rings and sticking jackolantern stickers onto their lunch boxes etc., but the bag of these toys went missing over a week ago and it’s just been sort of like ‘oh yeah, we can’t really find it.”  I cried about it, sitting at my pathetic little cubicle for all the workaday world to see, but then later there was an email saying they found the bag. But then in the list that was sent out to the parents saying who contributed what, it had my maiden name for some reason (I use it for my writing but not for anything else) and just said “stickers.”  The other thing that’s bothering me is that I have had a foot injury for about a month now.  At first when it was so disgusting and swollen and bruised I felt like I totally had a free pass to just put my feet up and ice the bad one when I got home and just like let a mess pile up everywhere and not give a damn.  But now it doesn’t look as bad, it just hurts and swells up by the end of the day.  Yesterday I finally went to a doctor, because even though the urgent care xray said it wasn’t broken, I feel that I have a fracture or something.  This new doctor was so professional and pleasant.  The doctor I’ve had off and on for years has become the botox king of Beverly Hills and his interest in being a general practitioner has sort of fallen off, so it was a relief to see someone who was nice, and she agreed with me that there was definitely something wrong.  I went and got an xray and everyone swore up and down the block that the doctor would get the results by today but she never called me and she went home already and I called the xray place directly and they said the results haven’t been written up yet.  These are small things but I feel seriously unenthusiastic because of them.

Anyway, more horror movie reviews.

I rented Halloween 2 last night, which I was really looking forward to seeing, because it’s sort of the grossest most violent one of the franchise.  Also, the beginning of it goes over a lot of the same ground of the events that happened at the end of the first Halloween, only in more detail, so it’s neat to be like “Oh, THAT’S what happened.”  It’s also a very scary premise.  The heroine is trapped immobilized in a hospital, a place where she’s supposed to be watched over and protected but is instead terrorized even worse.  But guess what?  I accidentally rented the Rob Zombie remake.  Yuck.  I could only watch 2 minutes before I pissed myself with fear and had to turn it off and throw salt over my shoulder and draw a protection circle around myself to ward off the devil.  Rob Zombie movies are the scariest grossest things that exist, besides real life.

I also watched The Innkeepers, partially because I knew Lena Dunham was in it, but it was a very brief cameo.  I wanted to like this movie because I like the subtle ennui and humor of the two main characters.  There was a slight and bittersweet longing the guy felt for the girl as well, that I really liked.  But the scary “BOO” type parts were unfortunately hackneyed – there’s this type of scary character in a lot of movies – it’s a woman or girl in a tattered Victorian dress, and she has no pupils, only the whites of her eyes, and black blood or something similar dripping from her mouth.  This stock character made an appearance in this movie, and I’m over her.  All the characters had the potential to contribute to an interesting story, but instead it was like a half hour too short and none of the little mysteries were explained.  It felt like a real rip-off.

I’m in the middle of watching The Possession, and I really like it so far, because it has parts with a little girl turning into a scary possessed unfeminine jerk and I love stuff like that, like when sweet little girls all of a sudden start pigging out at the dinner table and being rude and then stabbing their dad in the hand with a fork when he tries to get them to calm down, which happens in the movie.  I had to take a break from this movie though because the dramatic tension was getting to be too much, not the scariness but the unfairness of the custody battle between the divorcees in the movie (the dad gets his visitation rights taken away for allowing haunted metallic moths to fly down his daughter’s throat).  I’m sure I’ll resume watching it tonight though and for now I give it a tentative five out of five stars.

the victorian vixens of horror

The Others

The Innkeepers

Insidious 2

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