Thursday, August 1, 2013

Everyone All the Time

 I like art where the preferences or habits of a group of people are juxtaposed.  The two such projects that come to mind are both photo projects, one of teenagers in their bedrooms, and one of homeless encampments.  My project is me asking my friends and family for these pieces of information:

Hello friends of me,
Recently I put out a call for contributions to a project I wanted to do for my blog, and I got 22 yes’s, but only one actual response, from my husband, who would help me with anything just for fear of seeing me cry from failing.  The last project concept, though, was a little vulnerable-making, so I can’t blame you guys for not responding.  This is a new project I’m asking for your contributions to.  It’s inspired by the type of art project I like, where there are a bunch of photos of different teenagers’ rooms or something…just a glimpse into a bunch of people’s insides, but also something that’s aesthetically pleasing or just, like, interesting, in an unchallenging way, not like reading a 5 page long paragraph in New Yorker or something.  This is what I would like you to contribute, if you are interested.

Favorite photo of yourself of all time
Favorite tv show
Favorite movie
Favorite iconic person/idol
Favorite book
Favorite writer
Favorite song
Favorite band
Favorite image (it could be of you, it could be of a cat trying to catch a squirrel that’s taunting it from the other side of the screen door, etc) (send as a jpg)
Ideal life plan (win lotto, buy compound for friends and family in Nebraska, play bluegrass all day, buy dresses from anthropologie, have 3 kids, etc).

In retrospect, this smacks of Miranda July, but what doesn’t, these days?  Here are my beautiful findings.


Favorite tv show: Breaking Bad
Favorite movie: Friday
Favorite iconic person/idol:  Moses 
Favorite book: Siddharta by Hermann Hesse
Favorite writer: Garsh, this one is hard, but off the bat, J.R.R. Tolkien. He takes me worlds away and I get lost in the imagery of his books.
Favorite song: "Enjoy It Now" by Tortured Soul because it makes me want to get on the dance floor and get lost out there in soul-space!
Favorite band: DANZIG! OK, so I'm more in love with Glenn than his music. :/ Music-wise, it'd have to be the Buena Vista Social Club.
Ideal life plan: to live a life filled with health and peace in all aspects, stress-free. I don't care where I am, as long as my family and I have our good health and peace, I'll be good with that. I'd also like to be surrounded by only loving family/friends who bring positivity and laughter into our lives. 

Breakfast in Bed by Mary Cassatt

Valerie on the dance floor


Favorite band: Blind faith
Favorite author: Raymond Chandler or William Faulkner
Favorite Book: Dream Tigers (Jorge Luis Borges)
Idol: Muhammad Ali
Favorite Song: All Along the Watch Tower (Dylan of course but as performed by Hendrix)
Favorite Movie: Chinatown
Favorite TV Show:  Big C
Life Plan: Retire to a small Subtropical beach town (while keeping close tabs on my far flung family)

Jon with sister Abbi

Current Favorite Image


right now i like the big bang theory and NCIS for tv.
my favorite movies are wuthering heights and reds.
song is danny boy.
who can think of the names of bands.
writer right now- wilbur smith.  i liked iris murdoch too.
book-i like long historical novels.  anthony adverse was my first.
life plan-to get the most out of each day.                   

Beautiful Elayne in her Youth

on vacation


Favorite tv show: It’s a tie between Star Trek: The Next Generation and Farscape
Favorite movie: Amelie
Favorite iconic person/idol: Jim Henson
Favorite book: Jurassic Park
Favorite writer: Michael Crichton
Favorite song: Don’t have one. But one that is always on my list is Feed My Frankenstein – Alice Cooper
Favorite band: Oingo Boingo
Favorite image: It changes every day. Today it happens to be the one attached 
Ideal life plan: Nothing too specific. Be happy, live comfortably, draw as much as possible and spend time with loved ones.

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