Tuesday, August 6, 2013

At Sixes and Sevens

To be at sixes and sevens is a British way of saying one feels confused or disarrayed, but my mom and I always used it to mean the feeling of being bummed, but not severely so, and for no known reason.  That is how I feel today.  Maybe it has to do with the new mood stabilizer I recently started taking again since I have been displaying symptoms of Bipolar II disorder again (since Metta World Peace and Catherine Zeta-Jones have gone public about their mental health issues, I'm allowed to mention my own without it being a big deal, right?  or am I committing the worst of the social sins here, "TMI"?).  I had one idea for a good blog post that I thought would pan out well -- it has to do with an earlier post, where I wrote ridiculous responses to scam emails -- one of the scammers wrote me back and tried to interest me in giving my personal information and, I think, setting up a bank account.  This person believed that my profession was "waxer," and that my name was Amanda Huggenkiss, and that I was really excited about the opportunity to make millions because my house was in foreclosure and I have nine kids.  Somehow, I thought it would all gel to make an interesting story, the fact of seeing "Mrs. Amanda Huggenkiss" on an incredibly dishonest contract from someone who doesn't care that the person they're attempting to trick is so poor, but it didn't really turn out interesting, more like an April Fool's Day prank that falls flat, like when me and a housemate screwed up our other housemate's bathroom to look like a stabbing murder scene and the housemate that was pranked was like "Um, can you clean up my bathroom now?".  I couldn't think of any foreseeable ideas for blog posts so this one is just like a "Dear Diary" thing.  if there's any strong message I would like to sum up with it's that I think the whole concept of shutting someone down with the suggestion that it's TMI is a really hurtful reaction to human vulnerability and honesty and this is not a TMI-friendly space.

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