Monday, July 29, 2013

Zine Fest

Hi!  I haven't had much time for this blog because I've been insanely busy being the woman who has it all, but also I've been focusing on preparing some zine and craft wares from my partner in crime's booth at the upcoming SF Zine Fest:

The booth is called Gypsy Tart.  She will of course be offering tons of breathtakingly revolutionary and beautiful wares, but the things of mine she'll be peddling are a few of my little yarn crafts, hard copies (meat space!) of a few issues of my old favorite sweetheart zines, and a BEST OF SWEETHEART REDUX (admittedly a slender volume, as I didn't feel I needed to include all my back and forth rages with unfair Etsy sellers and assholes who used the word "retard" in Facebook convos .... it doesn't really translate well on the printed page!).

P.S If you have no interest in zines, at least make an appearance to feast your eyes on this beautiful beautiful mermaid manning the booth.  what a pair of gams and a smile that won't quit.

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