Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Maurice Sendak

The late, great and grumpy Maurice Sendak is a fascinating character to me.  I love his works, especially Really Rosie, who was my absolute hero growing up.  He was a Polish Jew Homosexual with a serious chip on his shoulder -- does it get any better than that?  One of his stories, In The Night Kitchen, is my favorite lately.  I have this Scholastic video of some of the best animated Sendak stories that my son has been watching lately, and there is so much about the night kitchen that is just inscrutable to me.  one thing I noticed, though, that I finally found visual proof of is this:

Though Sendak has gone on the record saying there's no holocaust symbolism in this story (despite the 3 identical bakers' Hitler mustaches) it's hard to ignore the similar font on the oven Mickey is going to be baked in, and the classic Mickey Mouse font -- we all know Walt Disney was a son of a bitch, 'cute' bottom-loving, Nazi sympathizer.  So I believe this similarity in fonts is intentional.

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