Friday, June 28, 2013

Hello Cruel World

The internet is weird, and by extension, so is all pop-culture, and all contemporary society, at least in our no-holds-barred consumerist country.  I myself am capable of a huge amount of irreverence and gallows humor, but sometimes I still feel sickened or shocked by something.  Yesterday on tv, for example, I heard not only a bunch of jokes about the recent execution-style murder committed by NFL star Aaron Hernandez (apparently he looked silly and effeminate in the “selfie” he took of himself with the murder weapon for Facebook – ha ha, what a laugh riot), but also two unrelated jokes about molestation, one of them in an otherwise adorable Nickelodeon movie.  I am pretty desensitized (and also, I know that humor is a way to cope with the awfulness of everything), but I am not as far along with that as a lot of people, I think.  Anyway, if I ever needed a reminder that even innocent things are perverted and horrible, all I would have to do is look at the “traffic sources” statistics for my blog, which is one of the features this blog hosting site offers, to let bloggers know who is reading them and what pages and search phrases bring readers in.  The most outstanding “Search Keywords” entry of the week for this blog is www. violent rape xxx.  Goddamn.

get a load of this joker

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