Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Sweetheart #10

Originally published in August 1996, this is the penultimate Sweetheart zine.  As with the others, it's a bit too embarrassing to reread this stuff as I scan it and post it here -- it's the self absorption that I find embarrassing, even though I know that it's the defining characteristic of being a teenager and was at least a productive self-absorption.  Still, I glance at these pages and think 'my god, how could I ever have thought people cared about my thoughts and moods so much?'  Then again, I used to be really popular and it did used to seem like a lot of people cared a lot about my thoughts and emotions, so maybe that should be the take-away here.  One more Sweetheart left in this canon of riot grrrl angst.  then my college and early twenties zines to post ... then once I get all that out of my system and into the ether, I will start writing again, like in the present.  Goodbye writer's block.  I don't think I have written a short story since I used to work for this shady tutoring company a few years ago, a job I actually lost money on.  I wrote a story inspired by this household of dynamic little girls (and their parents, I guess) who were really amusing and intimidating.  My next story is going to be a life saving (like the novel THIS BOOK WILL SAVE YOUR LIFE by A.M. Homes) 400 page novel about sad cat people and me and my family and feminism and sex and saints and los angeles and rural washington and pussies and rain and pill abuse and the alphabet and sitcoms and Rocky Horror Picture Show and babies' senses of humor and my own hairy armpits and friendship and pretty knickknacks.  A romance and one in a series of lucky 13

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