Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sweetheart #7

It's been awhile since I put a scanned copy of my old zine, the original Sweetheart, up on this blog:  here is Sweetheart #7.  It'd freak me out to actually re-read this issue, since I remember it well as the watershed issue of this zine; this is the issue in which I really started using the zine as a mouthpiece for my fuckedupness and sadness, which was pretty under control until around the time of this issue, the summer of 195 according to the intro.  When I was 16 my first band's first show went very wrong and I was attacked very brutally after our set, and that night changed my life, as far as giving me a huge chip on my shoulder and a bad case of PTSS.  Sweetheart #7 was the first issue to come out after that night, so most of its contents are about the attack.  I used to show my zine to my parents and I never did after this issue.  But it's not all about the attack (at least I don't think so, as I do a peripheral scan of the contents).  There's an affectionate poem I wrote for Francesca Lia Block (who recently gave me a great interview you may have read in these e-pages), the usually teenage-me opining over the pro's and con's of Courtney Love, and some other Riot Grrrl stuff. 

So, (painfully) enjoy!

Painfully Enjoyably Yours,
Princess Robin

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