Thursday, January 31, 2013

Yesteryou Chapter 23


While waiting for nighttime, Tess and Molly sat in the hotel room smoking pot and bonding over the fact that they dreamed similar dreams.  Richard and George were downstairs, drinking in the hotel's bar.

"I always dream about peeing, and dramas occurring in bathroom lines at school and stuff like that.  I mean it!"

The two girls were rolling with laughter side to side on their backs, Molly lying on the bed, and Tess on the floor, passing a strong joint back and forth between them.

"That's' too funny!," Molly howled, "because I do too.  I have like the world's smallest bladder so I always have to pee when I'm asleep, and so yeah, just like you were saying, I dream that, like, I share a big house with all these other girls and all of us literally fight, like fist fight, over who gets to use the only toilet, and then the toilet overflows of course, and that's l the dramatic climax of the whole dream!"

"No fucking way!  Me too!  It's like we're twins or something!" screeched Tess.
"But what I dream about most," Molly felt suddenly sad, "Is that my vision is bad, my breathing is bad, my nose is too plugged up to breathe through my nostrils and it doesn't get better when I  blow my nose, and them my legs don't even work, they are too weak to walk on, you know?  I dream that I'm completely, totally powerless."

"Aw, Molly," Tess said, "You poor girl.  You'll be alright."

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