Friday, April 16, 2010


hi readers,
i have every intention of starting this blog back up soon, but for various reasons, haven't been working on it lately. when i do start it up again, just out of curiosity, poll-time:

what's yr favorite type of entry?

1) musings
2) my fiction and poetry
3) the scanned copies of my old zine
4) a combination (if so, what combination?)

I've been working on a new short story but it's taking me forever to type up my copious first draft of it into something coherent -- when it's done, I don't even want to bother submitting it to literary journals, because i'm SICK OF BEING REJECTED. It didn't bother me the first 12 years I tried getting published, but now, for some reason, it is finally irritating the fuck out of me that nobody is interested in publishing fiction, or at least not fiction that's not confessional or ironic. So I'll probably just skip the whole submission/rejection process and post it here, on good ol' sweetheart redux, this poor old abandoned blog that needs my love and attention and a new coat of paint.

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